Coherent Math Announces Revolutionary Partnership to Co-Design New Math Curriculum for Denver Public Schools

October 25, 2023 – Coherent Math Consulting, LLC is excited to announce an innovative collaboration with Denver Public Schools (DPS) to co-develop a problem-based, student-centered, culturally and linguistically sustaining curriculum for Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, and 3. Knowing that students thrive when their mathematical identity and problem-solving skills are fostered while their humanity is recognized and honored, Coherent Math meets DPS’s vision for mathematics education for all students, and particularly students who have been historically marginalized. 

Coherent Math was founded in 2018 and quickly became a sought-after alternative to traditional curriculum publishers—working with individual districts to design custom math programs that align specifically to a district’s unique instructional vision, standards, and students. Too often, the one-size-fits-all approach offered by traditional publishers ignores the identities, assets, and learning needs and opportunities of specific student populations. Coherent Math’s approach provides students the opportunity to experience the joy and curiosity that comes from learning mathematics in a context where they see themselves and how mathematics applies to life outside the walls of school. 

The partnership with DPS represents a revolutionary model for math curriculum development. DPS teachers, coaches, leaders, and students will contribute to and vet the curriculum, working alongside experts from Coherent Math. Together, they will create a curriculum that reflects the district’s specific needs, frameworks, and instructional practices, with groundbreaking design for multilingual learners, without the need for retrofitting or time-consuming alignment work from educators after adoption.

“As a part of our charge to show up in service to our school-based educators, students, and families, we feel a sense of moral responsibility to provide educators with a curricula frame that supports teachers with standardizing the expectations that our students engage in grade-level content or higher and increase student engagement,” said Denver Public Schools Chief of Academics Dr. Simone Wright. “In addition, we are excited that our curriculum will center the lived experiences and communities of the students with an intentional focus on the contributions and brilliance of nondominant perspectives in mathematics. We believe that student success in Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, and 3 is one of many catalysts to cultivate greater student interest to participate in rigorous courses and work-based learning participation and trends students toward high-growth and high-wage career opportunities.”

Leveraging a foundation of high-quality, open-source materials that have received EdReports’ highest (all-green) ratings, Coherent Math will co-design a culturally sustaining curriculum that reflects the principles of:

  • Student Identities as Assets
  • Discourse
  • Criticality
  • Metacognition
  • Productive Struggle
  • Agency and Authenticity
  • Multidimensionality

With a student-centered approach in place from the outset, this co-development begins with talking to students, families, and community groups to understand their interests and what they see as the strengths and challenges of their communities—and then integrating those specific contexts, alongside present-day global topics, into truly relevant mathematics learning opportunities. This transformative approach, which includes a thoughtful and powerful approach to scaffolding and accessibility, invites each student to appreciate and engage with mathematics.

“Denver Public Schools is leading the way when it comes to demanding culturally sustaining math materials and instruction—instruction we know works and matters!” said Coherent Math’s founder, Barbara Beske. “DPS’s vision for what they expect from curriculum is inspirational. We couldn’t be more thrilled to co-design a truly customized, coherent, and rigorous mathematics learning experience for Denver’s students—and to see our shared vision come to life in classrooms.” 

The new curriculum will begin district-wide implementation in fall of 2024. 

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jess Skwir

About Coherent Math Consulting, LLC:

Coherent Math Consulting provides support for districts and networks that are looking for personalized mathematics materials and coaching that meet the specific needs of their community. Our focus is on increasing student achievement, agency, and sense of belonging in mathematics by developing curriculum, resources, and professional learning opportunities that respond to current research and best practices.

Coherent Math-DPS Announcement 10-25-23

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