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Barbara Beske founded Coherent Math Consulting, LLC to support school districts and charter networks who want to make bold changes to improve math instruction in their classrooms. In addition to district coaching and consulting, Coherent Math Consulting creates innovative, equity-driven, student-centered, standards-aligned, culturally relevant math curriculum for districts and networks that want materials that are personalized to their state standards, personalized to their math mission and vision, and personalized to their specific goals for their teachers and students.

Barbara has put together a remarkable team that brings expertise, passion, and the collaborative spirit needed to make the changes needed in K-12 math education. Districts love that we not only create resources that match the goals and vision of the district, but that we also both produce the materials for easy use by teachers and provide the district with the Professional Learning and support needed for success.





Ashley Burch

Ashley is a math curriculum consultant and founder of Anabatic Mathematics, LLC. A former classroom teacher and secondary math specialist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, she brings expertise in producing high-quality resources for teachers and students, with particular attention to graphics, and a passion for connecting big ideas both within and across consecutive math courses as well as to applications outside of mathematics.

Crystal Watson

Crystal is a student-centered, passionate mathematics educator from Cincinnati, OH. She brings a focus on building strong mathematical identities and including students’ stories and feedback in order to improve instructional practices and build better math communities.

Emily Flanagan

Emily is an editor passionate about improving curriculum for all students and teachers. She brings her expertise in mathematics editing and strives to make math education clear, inclusive, and engaging.

Emily Kenton

Emily is a Maryland-based consultant and copy editor. She brings her love of parallel structure and flow to any writing project, and she asks the questions necessary for clarity and consistency to shine through the work.

Gabby Beske-Somers

Gabby is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont with a degree in Mathematics, statistics concentration, along with a minor in music. She brings her interest in statistical coding and her love of mathematics and problem solving to make the math of the materials consistent through LaTeX equations and general formatting.

Jenny Morgan

Jenny is an educational consultant passionate about supporting organizations to achieve project goals. She brings expertise in system-level learning and project management to ensure successful outcomes and positive impact for students.

Karen Levin

Karen is a math education consultant and educator currently living a nomadic life around the US, stopping at beautiful national parks.  She brings a passion for all students having access to high-quality education that will set them up for whatever future endeavor they may choose!

Karen McPherson

Karen is a math coach and consultant from North Carolina. She brings an expertise in writing high-quality standards-aligned curriculum and a love for providing all students with effective equitable instruction.

Dr. Libby Butler

Libby is a professor in education and African American studies, former high school math teacher, facilitator of teacher professional learning, and district math coach in San Diego, CA. She brings a passion for reimagining math learning opportunities for all students, especially those typically marginalized in traditional classrooms.

Maria Hawthorne

Maria is a passionate math teacher for multilingual learners. Her love of language learning through content drives her desire for adapting mathematics curriculum to provide equitable access for students while embracing and connecting with their culture.

Marisa Vance

Marisa is a middle school math teacher in New Jersey and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Math Education. She brings her love of formatting and organization to ensure that all curriculum materials created by Coherent Math Consulting are complete and cohesive.

Mimi Cukier

Mimi teaches math at the Park School of Baltimore, where she was on the writing team for their Habits of Mind-based curriculum. She brings a love of puzzles and writing and a determination to help students develop agency in problem solving.

Nichole Campbell

Nichole is a district math coach and educational consultant in St. Paul, MN. She brings writing experience in culturally relevant math curricula with themes of social justice and continues to seek out best practices, new trends, and remaining open to all ideas.

Nick Corley

Nick is a middle school math teacher with more than 20 years of experience. He brings a love for using edtech tools to energize instruction and also enjoys supporting math teachers through professional development and consulting.

Ryan Colón

Ryan is a math teacher and leader. She brings a passion for reimagining education and creating opportunity and access for students in mathematics.

Scott Meltzer

Scott is the director of math for a network of schools in Philadelphia. He brings a passion for equity, learning, and rigorous math standards that shapes the work he does.

Dr. Shakiyya Bland

Shakiyya is an educator, mathematics curriculum designer, equity leader, and education consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Shakiyya brings experience in producing critically conscious curricula and professional learning resources to support scholars’ racial and cultural identities as contributors to STEM education.

Terry Sanders

Terry recently retired from a school district in New Jersey after 26 years as an administrative assistant in the central office. She likes to make someone else’s day easier by supporting them in any way she can.  

Tiayana Marks

Tiayana is a math education consultant from Brooklyn, NY with 25 years experience in teaching and learning. She brings a strong belief that all children should feel supported, included, and empowered in the learning of mathematics, and that teaching should leverage discipline-specific pedagogical practices that engage and value the humanity and capacity of all children.

Todd Thomas

Todd is a digital nomad consultant and format editor supporting the finished product. His engineering background offers a unique approach to streamlining workflow, while his attention to detail ensures consistent document style, text, images, and layout.

Dr. Vinci Daro

Vinci is the Director of Instructional Impact in Mathematics at ConnectED: The National Center College and Career. Her research focuses on the integration of language learning with mathematics learning, with an emphasis on the role of exploratory, everyday language in mathematical sense-making.

Wendy DenBesten

Wendy is a retired high school math teacher from Fresno, CA who’s been writing math curriculum since the late 90s. She is passionate about designing and delivering mathematics learning experiences that spark joy and wonder.

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