Mastery Charter Schools

Mastery Charter Schools contracted with Coherent Math Consulting, LLC to write and produce a math curriculum for grades 5-8 that provides just-in-time support for students who show evidence of needing additional foundational math opportunities to access grade-level content. The Foundations curriculum aligns to CCSS, builds off of the Engage NY curriculum, and elevates the mission and values of teaching and learning mathematics at Mastery Charter Schools.

Foundations Math Grades 5-8

Built from the widely respected Engage NY/Eureka curriculum with revisions and modifications to lessons and units with an unapologetic focus on major work of the grade as well as being viable for a one-year course.

Newly created ​​”practice and application lessons” throughout the units for students to pause and practice the skills and understandings from previous lessons.

Daily “Do Nows” that support students on previous grade-level content.

Targeted math talks and fluency practice that encourage flexibility, reasoning, precision, and student discourse.

A significant bank of tasks available to provide just-in-time support for students to access grade-level content that connect to the daily practice problems.

A unique system of practice problems and daily targeted small group instruction that promote just-in-time support for grade-level mathematics.

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