“Barbara steered our curriculum writing at Lumberton Township School District with a clear vision and solid knowledge, and provided professional learning support at every level to lift our instruction to meet the goals set forth in the curriculum. Whether you are seeking a leader in crafting a top-notch curriculum or an outstanding staff developer or consultant, I am confident that you will not regret selecting Barbara Beske to fill that role.” 

-Maria Matlack, former Director of Curriculum, Lumberton School District, NJ

“We partnered with Barbara Beske from Coherent Math Consulting to support our Integrated Math pathway development at the high school.   Barbara’s expertise in mathematical concepts, understanding, and standards alignment was just what we needed to inspire and support our team to adjust and define our student learning experience.  Barbara is a “teacher’s teacher” and her manner of working with educators stands out.”   

-Gabrielle Abrams, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Medway, MA

“Barbara provided our district with the support we needed and was able to agilely respond to our professional development and curricular needs.  She guided us through a careful analysis of the high priority standards at each grade level and how well our math programming met the demands of each.  Then she helped us determine how to allocate instructional time to ensure those high priority standards receive adequate emphasis.  Barbara also delivered professional development for our staff focused on mathematical mindset and the use of writing within the math classroom.  The work we did with her was tied tightly to application in the classroom so staff always had something tangible to use in their planning and practice.” 

-Tim Matlack, Assistant Principal K-6 / K-12 Curriculum Supervisor, Antietam School District, PA

“Barbara supported our district in two key ways. First, she did an instructional snapshot of what was occurring in our district, so we could better understand our systematic needs. Then, she created and presented our K-6 teachers with professional learning related to some of the best practices in math that came out of the snapshot. She made it easy for teachers to take and implement these strategies in their classrooms the next day by making connections to our current curriculum and instructional needs. The teachers were excited about how action-oriented the support was, and it was encouraging to see teachers implement the new practices immediately!”

-Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Chesterfield Elementary School

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